Baths around here are a much looked forward to affair.  There are toys and often bubbles.  The smiles abound right up until the dread phrase ~ “It’s time to wash your hair.”  Then the protests begin.  They don’t like the water in their eyes and I understand that.  To combat this problem I’ve employed a number of methods but all have failed in some way or other and even those that succeeded in keeping actual water out of the eyes couldn’t succeed against the fear of water in the eyes.  The problem is that the whole situation lacks control.  That is to say they are not in control and so the situation seems unsafe.  But a couple of nights ago I hit upon a little gem of an idea.

Fill the tub with two maybe three inches of water. (I usually fill the tub about half full.)  Have the child lay flat in the water looking up at the ceiling.  If the water comes to close to the eyes (or ears) let some out.  Let the child make this determination. … remember we’re going for control here.

Once the proper water level was reached Brother almost immediately calmed.  He could feel the solid tub underneath him.  He wasn’t going to suddenly get dropped or dunked.  There was no spray to accidentally find his face.  I used a small (very small) cup to carefully wet his hair all over.  Then I let him sit up to help with the shampoo and finally lay back down and again with the cup to rinse.  The whole process took about 5 minutes and there was not a tear one.  Afterwards I filled the tub to it’s normal level and let him play to his heart’s content.

Why this never occurred to me before is a mystery but there it is.


**The word “eureka” originated during a bath of the great mathematician Archimedes and so methinks there is no better title for this bath time discovery.


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  1. I despise bathtime because of the hell that is hairwashing. I’m going to have to try this, because my current strategy of yell, threaten, cry isn’t working too well.

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