Because We’ve Got to Call Her Something

Due to a slight paranoia, for the longest time on this blog my eldest daughter has been known as Sister and my son as Brother and that seemed oh so sufficient and clever back in the day when we were NEVER going to have any more children.  Never?  Ha!

So finding a bloggy name for our littlest has presented a bit of a conundrum.  She’s been “Baby” up to now but how will that go over when she’s not a baby or what about when another comes along?  (Yes, we are planning on having more)  Calling her “Littlest” presents the same problem.  She needs a moniker that won’t get usurped by another.  She needs a name she can keep.  But what?  Soon after the birth Brother declared he did not care for Baby’s given name.  He would call her “Dora” instead.  Not wanting to jump on the Nick Jr bandwagon I resisted using his choice here.  Now however I’ve convinced myself that “Dora” can easily be explained as short for “Adorable”.  Since she’s all that and more … Internets, meet Dora.



2 thoughts on “Because We’ve Got to Call Her Something

  1. Dora is adorable! And I give Brother credit. Dora is a much better suggestion than Ketchup, which was a name Julia felt would work for Lucy.

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