A Good Weekend*

*obviously from May … not certain why I’m only now getting around to posting it.

Because I will probably not want to travel after this month and because Memorial Day adds an extra bit to the weekend, we drove across the state to spend some time with the in-laws.  As usual we weren’t the only ones and, as usual, I met at least one relative whom I’d never met before.  After 10 years you’d think I’d be getting to the end of them, but no.

GateMay09 006

There was much thoughtful (and not so thoughtful) conversation.

GateMay09 003

Smiles galore.

 GateMay09 008

And my 7 yr old daughter turned 16 … except for her knees which remained 7.

GateMay09 009

Random dog that I like.


After we left Grandma Mary’s to travel back east we stopped here.  Because there is nothing better to do when you are 30 some weeks pregnant than “mountain” climbing.

GlossMountains 003 

A little FYI – there are no potties at the top of these mountains so maybe not the wisest destination choice for a pregnant woman. ….. I’m just sayin’.

GlossMountains 002

GlossMountains 007

GlossMountains 010

After the mountains and another 2+ hours of driving we arrived home where more than one of us looked like this.