Views from the Sun

If the Sun were a 3 inch sphere and you could take pictures from that sphere this would be Sister on Jupiter (155.6 ft away).

Solar System Jupiter

This would be Sister on Saturn (285.88 ft away)

Solar System Saturn

and this would be Sister on Uranus (574.20 ft away).

Solar System Uranus

Sister would not be able to stand on Neptune or Pluto because you would have long since run out of street and both of those planets would be in someone else’s yard.

Want to do your own Solar System to scale experiment?  Try using these calculations or for more Universe fun try this website.


2 thoughts on “Views from the Sun

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  2. This is so cool! Julia is CRAZY about the Solar System right now. They’ve been learning about it at preschool. She’s actually taught me a few things! We’re going to have to do this.

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