Family Art Project

A local museum hosts a free family art class every other Saturday.  Today’s theme was the art, particularly sculpture of Ancient Mesoamerica.  Sister surprised us (and our tour guide) by correctly defining “effigy” (in the representation of a god sense) and then later refused to make one because, “They don’t look real and what’s the point in making something that’s not real.”  Instead she chose to produce a candle holder/birthday cake and a snake.  Will made a totem, “because it’s easy.” 

Gilcrease Statues 001

Gilcrease Statues 003 

I paid homage to the God of Naptime – because napping is a thing near and dear to my heart and there has been far to little of it around here lately.

 Gilcrease Statues 002

I was most impressed with Brother’s creation as he truly seemed to grasp the Aztec artistic style.

Gilcrease Statues 005


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