What Must the Neighbors Think?

Sister comes tearing around the corner, “Mama!  MAMA! He’s nude! NUDE! … He’s naked!”

On this, the first truly hot day of spring the children have been outside with the neighbor girls dousing each other with water guns and water balloons and anything else they could find to hold water.  Brother, soaked to the bone decided clothes were not a necessity and to the horror of his Sister and her company ditched them…. ALL of them.

I kept a straight face as best I could while extolling the virtues of clothing to the confused child and all the while my thoughts drifted back to our first day here…


Brother runs in, “Mama, we met the neighbors!  It’s two girls and they told us their names and we told them about us.  Everything!”

Would not a little chill run through every mother at these words?

“Really?  Everything?”

“Yes!  We told them our names … (so far so good) … and about Serafina … (sharing about the cat, that’s okay too) … and how babies come out of your bottom!”


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