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Brother insists on playing Parcheesi.  It’s his favorite game and yet in all the times we’ve played we have yet to make it to the end of a game in one setting.  It just takes too long and the attention wanes.  Neither child seemed to mind the lack of closure but it was driving me nuts.  So here are some game time strategies I’ve started using to keep me sane. (not just with Parcheesi but with almost anything we play)

Set a timer – We play until the timer goes off (usually 15 to 20 min) and whoever is “ahead” at that point wins.  Be sure to establish what “ahead” means before you start.

Play with fewer pieces – In the case of Parcheesi we often only play with 2 pieces each which automatically speeds the round.  This principle can be easily applied to Candyland (remove the picture cards), Battleship, Uno (deal fewer cards) and a myriad of other games.

Use House rules – If the real rules say a piece can only be played on a roll of five then house rules might allow you to play on fives or ones. Or house rules might allow play on even numbers or multiples of 3.  Besides speeding up the game this is great way to sneak math into everyday fun.

Take a break – If you absolutely must play by the rules consider taking a break before fun turns to frustrating.  Sometimes we break for a few minutes but more often than not around here it’s a few days.  For that kind of break you either need a phenomenal memory or a digital camera.  Here’s a picture of our current Parcheesi game taken over a week ago.

pic 045


Pick short games Gamewright creates terrific age appropriate games. (We love Rat-a-Tat-Cat and Hiss.) while classics like Connect-Four and SET move so quickly that you can easily play more than one round at a sitting.


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2 thoughts on “WFMW – Game Plan

  1. Good advice. We love playing games together–but if the game runs long I have to do some fancy footwork to try to prevent the little ones from spiraling down into frustration! :-)
    Thanks for the timer idea.

  2. Excellent. We do this sort of thing with a lot of our games, coming up with ways to adapt them so they are shorter, though we never did play Parcheesi.

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