Another Unschooling Day

Begin with a discussion on responsibility and some parental hair pulling.  Seriously question freestyle learning methods.  Pull out the curriculum that’s been fairly dormant for some time now.  Organize lesson plans, make a new chore list and be generally hard nosed about “how things are going to be around here from now on.”

Once everyone is (finally) in line, realize that Brother needs a haircut. Go downtown to your favorite walk-in salon.  While Brother gets a trim, you and Sister can have a nice chat with the lady getting her nails done.  Talk about things that modern day generations will probably never experience – like a true barber shop or rotary phones.

Since you’re out and about might as well call Dad and see if he’d like to have lunch.  He would but not yet.

Skip over to the library for a bit.  Oh, look they’re just starting Storytime. How lucky.  Finish Storytime, grab a few interesting books and go meet Dad for lunch.

Back at home help Sister put on an episode of Blue Planet.  Brother seems to be feeling under the weather and wanders off to take a nap.  Mmm, good idea, Brother.  I think I’ll take one too.

Wake up to Sister asking to go ride her bike and Brother working on his 4 billionth Lego creation. Watch the afternoon skip off to play with the neighbors.

Ring the the dinner bell.  Daddy’s gone for a Boy’s Night Out which is fortunate because over dinner the conversation turns to bacteria and viruses and fungus.  All this talk, of course, begs the question, “But what do they look like?” Pull out a couple of books on the topic and peruse the pictures.  “How do they get pictures of things that are so small?”  Pair a curious child with this tool and watch another half-hour fly by. “Eww, fleas look spooky! … “That’s what skin really looks like?!” … “Do you know what else is kind of spooky?  Some dust is made of old skin.  In fact, 90% of the dust in your house is YOU.”  Remember that sometime long ago you had heard this fact.  Wonder where she could have learned it.

Hear Brother coughing and offer to make hot warm chocolate for all.  With the three of you sitting at the table again, might as well pull out some cards.  Play solitaire and SET and Go Fish.  Make a mental note that in the future you want Sister on your team.

Break up the games to get pajamas on and teeth brushed and do all those sundry things that must be done before the day’s end.  Tuck in little man with Uncle Wiggly playing in the background.  Sneak off with Sister to get in a bit of the chapter book you picked up today.

Kisses and hugs and prayers for peace.

Wonder why you ever doubt?


3 thoughts on “Another Unschooling Day

  1. Oh yes, an this is exactly what happens any time I get tempted to do the curriculum thing. :)Sounds like a wonderful day, glad to hear from you, have been wondering how things are going. :)

  2. Julia is always asking what small things look like. We’ve had to google images for plankton, germs and bacteria lately. Thank goodness for the internet. It makes me seem so smart!

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