On Boogers

Me (to Brother who is found picking his nose):  Do you need a tissue?

Brother: No, I’m just getting this out.

Me: It’s a booger.

Brother:  Yeah.

Me (as I see him contemplating the booger’s destiny): Well, don’t eat it. Put it in this tissue and throw it in the trash. It’s yucky. 

Brother (after further contemplation):  Yeah, it’s yucky . . . but the good boogers are for eating.


I thought about challenging this assumption but wisely chose to retreat instead.  A mother has to pick her battles.


4 thoughts on “On Boogers

  1. I don’t know when kids outgrow eating their boogers (at least in public!). I think it’s at least by the time they hit puberty/start noticing the opposite sex, right?

    Love the “just getting this out.”

    And, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It meant a lot to me!

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