A Kid Room is Born

For some time now (since the Sister can’t sleep phase) we’ve had a family bedroom.  I don’t have a picture of it but sufficed to say it was cramped.  Here is a picture that will simulate the feeling.

RoomsBefore 001

It’s not a bedroom at all.  It’s our den and it substituted as our family bedroom while the real thing was being deconstructed.  We didn’t really have a plan so how could I know when we started our bedroom switch-a-roo project that it would not only end in more privacy for the parents. (And angels descended from heaven singing, “Glory to God in the highest.”) but also result in my fabuloso craft room.  I am blessed.

RoomsBefore 005 

Here’s a before picture not from the very beginning but about halfway through when the room was actually starting to take shape.  Both beds had to be disassembled, moved from another room and reassembled here.  Fun times.

RoomsAfter 003

RoomsAfter 001

RoomsAfter 006

Both beds are 3/4 bunk height so the children each have a special hideaway space of their own underneath.  Sister got creative this week and pulled out one of our car DVD players.  “Look, Mom!  Now my hideout has cable!”  She has plans to install a water gun security system and to train Serafina as a guard cat.  Also, I have a sneaking suspicion she might know where all the extra granola bars are hiding.  She’s nothing if not prepared.

RoomsAfter 002

I know closets are not that interesting but you will understand the significance if I first explain that since we have lived in this house (almost a year!) I have had to go to no less than 2 rooms every morning to gather all my clothing.  At certain points in that year Will has gone to as many as 3 rooms to get what he needs.  Ridiculous I know but closet rod space was at a premium so we did what we could.  The picture above represents the first step toward closet normalcy.


*coming soon when I get around to it:  “The Parents’ Get a Room of Their Own”


4 thoughts on “A Kid Room is Born

  1. You are too funny!

    And very creative. I love the fact that the kids have their own little hidey-spots under their beds.

  2. Wonderful–we hav ebeen redoing rooms because the kids have a habit of sleeping all in one room. Most of your pictures aren’t loading though–sigh.

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