Today has been an outstanding day.  The good stuff started yesterday evening really.  We met up with Will’s sister and dad who offered to take us out to dinner at the neatest little Route 66 gas station you ever did see.  The kiddo’s got some t-shirts to commemorate the experience and I bought a cookbook of favorite Oklahoma dishes.  That night found us in Tulsa chatting it up with the folks which brings us to today where the outstandingness continued with trips to the Planetarium and the hobby store.  Back at home we ate cake and watched Return of the Jedi.  All of this to celebrate the birth of my sweetheart.  Yes, it’s been a fun time.  I was am grateful for the distraction because yesterday – yesterday afternoon at least was pretty crummy.

We drove to Edmond to visit the ultrasound lady recommended by my midwife.  She was tactful and extremely kind but there is truly no good way to deliver hard news.  My body still believes itself to be pregnant but our child stopped growing about a month ago.  I am not a weepy sort of griever preferring instead to focus on present joys and blessings.  Help me out, will you?  Tell me something that makes you smile or tell me about a blessing in your life?  And then go hug your children and tell them it’s from me.


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  1. I am so sorry. Today we experienced the blessing of the local zoo…blooming lilacs, warm sunshine, cool breezes, tiny little seahorses, polar bears swimming, lions dozing, and a delicious picnic. Bless you. -e.

  2. Consider them hugged. We finally had a warm sunny day in which to finally mow our 12 inch grass and get sunburned and the kids are having all sorts of fun with their new Wii and I have done multiple drawings/paintings. Happy birthday to your sweetheart.

  3. I’m so sorry, Toni. I’d been thinking of you since your Twitter yesterday.

    I’m glad you all enjoyed family and fun yesterday. Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!

    We enjoyed our first sunny day in the 70s in weeks today. Julia, Lucy and I spent part of the afternoon walking on the newly opened health trail near our house. Then, we came home and cooked out on the grill. It was exquisite!

  4. Leslie got baptised yesterday in the same church that I was baptised in and my mother was baptised in.

    I love you.

  5. Oh, Toni, I’m so sorry.

    Something that makes me smile is reluctant giggles. Nonreluctant ones are good, but reluctant ones — the ones they fight and fight and fight but can’t keep away — those are the best.

    Something else that makes me smile is transposing letters… runny babbit, pawberry strie, zetting poo. Your kids’ll probably love that last one.

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  7. Oh, Toni, my heart goes out and will remain with you and Will. Little ones’ giggles are so heart-warming and you have wonderful “gigglers” at your house. Jesus is holding your hand and your heart.

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