A New Song

Almost every weekend from Fall 1994 to Spring of ’96, found me traveling home from college and back again. Those three hours of total drive time became a meeting place for me and God. Alone, without fear of what others might think, I found it easy to converse with my Creator. Many of those conversations turned to song. I would find myself praising His goodness and grace with lyrics I had never heard sung elsewhere. I always thought, “I should write this down when I get a chance.” But invariably the chance never came or if it did the words would be long gone having floated away with the melody.

Several weeks ago as I drove across town, contemplating the morning’s devotion, a song came unbidden to my lips. It had been so long since the Lord spoke to me in this way that I didn’t even consider stopping to write the words down. I simply basked in the marvel of the music. “Still,” I thought later, “it would be nice to have at least one of these songs written down.”

Fast forward a week or two. It is early and I am sitting in my devotion chair with my Bible opened and my notebook ready. But I am not reading. I am not praying. I am only reveling in the silence of our home and the blessed life I have been granted when the melody begins…




You made the heavens and the earth.

You gave the sun its birth.

And in the midst of all of this

You made me.

So small and insignificant

I feel like just a speck.

I feel so unimportant … and yet …

You came. You came.

You knew all of history and still You came

for the speck that I would be.


Rushing here, rushing there

Do I see you? Do I care?

My hope is in the car, the house, the things.

TV tells me I need x

and y and z and s and t and q.

Yet in the midst of all of this my heart cries

that all I need is You .

Please come. Please come.

I know I have forsaken Your way but

please come. Please come

and save the speck I am today.


Without You what do I have.

Nothing comes to mind.

You are hope and love and peace.

These things I’d like to find.

Please come.

For You I ask, I see, I knock

I hope You hear me pray.

It is You that I need –

the Truth, the Light, the Way.

And You come. You come

and You fill the speck I am today.


No longer lost, no longer small

for Your life fills my being.

My path is straight. The way is clear.

Praise from my soul doth ring.

You came. You came.

And now I’m walking with the King.



6 thoughts on “A New Song

  1. Absolutely beautiful.

    On a side note–Rachel walked in and said “That voice sound really familiar, only just not quite the same.” Finally she said, “That sounds almost like you mom.” In fact your do sound almost exactly like me but the inflections are slightly different (I did a cd of songs for the kids to listen to with some made up ones and their old favorites in there. And I am not brave enough to share any of it so kudos to you.)

  2. Toni, this just came to you? That’s really amazing. I’m not religious but I think I am spiritual and some parts of your song really struck a chord with me. Nicely put.

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  4. When I visited your blog before, my computer was being a jerk and I couldn’t load up the audio on this post. But it worked this time, and Toni? This was beautiful – the words and your voice. Just lovely. I’m so glad you shared it!

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