Mud, Glorious Mud

How’s this for a Fun Day suggestion?  With all the green appearing in the backyard both children gravitated toward the one spot of brown.  I let them, despite my personal misgivings about stains in clothing and such because what is the point of childhood really if not to unabashedly immerse yourself in the world around you?



4 thoughts on “Mud, Glorious Mud

  1. Whoa. Cool. Yesterday was took Evan out to play in the middy grass for the first time. We stripped him down to a onesie thinking he’d get filthy but he mostly just sat quietly and explored with his hands. He was much calmer than we expected. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

  2. Mud seems to be a theme these days at a lot of blogs–but it is spring. April showers and all that.

    I love that you just let them have at it! It’s great to see so much fun–so many kids are becoming tactile defensive and afraid of getting dirty that a lot of preschools and Kindergartens are having to have dirty days where they teach the kids to squish mud in their hands, or smoosh Jell-O.

    Clearly your kids are confident exploring various textures.

    Enjoy the fun!

  3. Hey Toni,

    I hear congratulations are in order…hope I’m not spilling the beans, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    I am thrilled for you guys!

    Also, I wondered if you are familiar with The Hobbit/The Lord of The Rings? I thought of you when I read this today…

    “And, yes, no doubt to others, our ways seem quaint, but, today of all days, it is bought home: It is no bad thing to celebrate the simple life.” —Bilbo Baggins

    Blessings to you today!

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