Photo Hunt – Theme: Metal


This past December on an unexpected trip to OKC we visited the Omniplex. Excuse me … that’s what it was called back when I was a kid. Recently they’ve gussied up the place and now it’s the Science Museum Oklahoma. Sounds respectable and imposing doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Imposing, that is. They have all sorts of hands on exhibits, a planetarium and one of those big 3D movie domes in addition to all the traditional museum-y stuff. Oh and they have a three-story indoor “tree” house. Pretty cool.

Even with all the changes one thing remains exactly the same. It’s an exhibit of metal wires looped and twisted and intermingled with a series of buckets and pulleys and trip lines. Inside this maze of metal run ten or twelve or twenty ball bearings looping, twisting. The paths of each are constantly changing as the metal tracks arrange and re-arrange themselves as if by magic. Eventually one lucky ball achieves the goal. Ding! A bell rings and the show begins again.

I remember watching mesmerized as a 5th grader. Will remembers it from high school when he and a bunch of other math geeks spent way too much time calculating the minutes between bell rings and predicting which ball would get the honor. So we shared a passing of the torch moment as Brother placing his hands on the glass gazed in wonderment at the display.


Did you play?

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