Ahh, That’s Better

You know your hubby loves you when he takes a large chunk of his only true day off and devotes it to a major overhaul on your computer.  (He may have munched on chips n salsa and watched Talladega Nights while waiting for various installations and such but those are not details I want to go into right now. … Though I would appreciate it if you’d offer up a prayer to the Lord Baby Jesus for his soul … and his sense of humor.)

For some time now my computer has been grinding and halting and throwing up random error messages in protest of its use.  Prompted by Heather’s Ubuntu adventures, I seriously considered switching to a new OS altogether but because I love my Money (That’s Microsoft Money as in financial tracking software not as in “the love of … is the root of all evil” money.) there was nothing for it but to restore the factory settings and then spend the next 3 hours uninstalling all of the unwanted junk.  Finally, things are back to normal… technologically speaking, of course.  I make no such claims about the rest of life.  I may at some point try the Linux path but for now I’m going to give Windows a few days and let the dust settle.

Some parting thoughts:  If you don’t like your current blogging editor I found a couple for you to try.  ScribeFire (which will be my choice if I every do make the Linux leap) integrates with Firefox seamlessly.  The set up was incredibly easy (It’s just a Firefox extension.) and the features while not as rich as my next suggestion are far less cumbersome than WordPress (which powers this blog) or Blogger (which I have used in the past.)

My next suggestion and my personal choice (for now) is Windows Live Writer.  I wrote about it before while it was still in beta.  Actually I expected it to stay in beta forever.  After all it was Microsoft and it was free and never shall those twain meet except in beta.  Even so, I’ve been using it successfully for quite a while and after the big cleanse needed to reload it to, if nothing else, retrieve my out of control draft folder.  You know, all those thoughts I quickly jot down in reflective moments but never find the time to expound upon.  Don’t laugh – I know you do that too.  So, I re-installed the program and what to my wondering eyes did appear? … no, not Rudolph … but something almost as mythical.  A free, non-beta, Microsoft product.  I will warn you that the install included several “extras” that I had little interest in but you can opt out of them if you stay alert.

Okay, enough tech talk.  Let me know if you try one of these or if not, what do YOU prefer?


3 thoughts on “Ahh, That’s Better

  1. Interesting. I was just looking at Scribefire. I haven’t tried it though. I HATE Windows Live Writer because one of the websites I maintain is full of writers who use it all the time then wonder why it breaks the layout. Something about the way it adds useless gobbledy gook to the code breaks the format. Since I spent several months trying to figure out what was going on only top finally learn that ALL of the ones who were having trouble were using it, well, just thought of it makes me grumpy. :) I am pretty happy with the updated WordPress editor–it has everything I need even the ability to change font color and styles. (THe older versions didn’t–which is surprising as Tinymce has been available for some time as a plugin for WordPress.

  2. I use WordPress and I love it. I’m a real tech dummy, but I can manage on WordPress. And I use Internet Explorer, which I’m told is very, very bad. I’m just so afraid to change!

    Talledega Nights – very funny. I love how he asks that “you use your Baby Jesus powers” in his prayer. Hilarious!

  3. Yay for kind, patient husbands. Mine watched the kiddo yesterday so that I could take a TWO HOUR LONG nap, which I haven’t done since I was two months pregnant! It was AWESOME.

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