A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words or One

I am not the only person who takes pictures with my camera so at the end of each month when I go through the images often I find a picture like this


and think “What!? Why?” because I know it was taken by Will.


Or I see one like this

and think, “How cute.” because I know it was taken by Brother.


Or I see one like this

and know it was taken by a crazy woman who actually sent her husband to the local butcher for a bag of “backfat” and gave up a whole Saturday to make a batch of lard which she has yet to use.  And I know that same crazy woman took the picture thinking it would make a good blog post about making lard but it didn’t because lard making doesn’t need a whole post.  It can be summed up in one word ~ Don’t.


7 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words or One

  1. The Lard making–glad you told me because I am sure it would have eventually occurred to me to do since I am all about the do it yourself stuff.
    Too funny.

  2. Um, so, I thought lard was, like, already lardy. You have to MAKE IT? And why might you have thought this was a good idea in the first place?


    Technically speaking it is already “lardy” but you have to render it (basically cook it a long time at a low heat) to make it useable for cooking. Specifically I was looking to make homemade pie crust and tortillas but the dream is much better than the reality. ~ Toni

  3. I made lard once, for soapmaking! And I think I left it in the freezer and threw it out when we moved. It did look creamier than the lard I used to purchase in a box, though.

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