Love Day Fun

On Monday Ann Kroeker reminded me how to make Cootie Catchers or as some people call them Fortune Tellers. The children and I have had much fun since then creating and using our own. A big square of scrapbook paper is perfect for this and makes them so colorful. Anyway, it occurred to me that since you could write just about anything inside that perhaps they would make a good Valentine gift. So that’s what I’m making for my sweetie this year. Hopefully, he won’t read this post before I actually get to give it to him – or maybe he will and he’ll smile at the thought of what’s coming. ;)  See, I’ve hidden phrases like ” ‘K’ is for …” or ” ‘H is for … ” inside so if he picks one of those I will give him a “K”iss or a “H”ug.  Make sense?  These examples are pretty benign (This is a family friendly blog after all.) and are not actually in my fortune teller. For my hubby of almost 10 years I came up with some more lover-ly phrases.  Phrases which I expect will lead to much satisfaction happiness at the Simple house.



shadow play of love

only a candle watches

rhythmic forms dancing


Have you written your haiku yet?


2 thoughts on “Love Day Fun

  1. You’re taking the fun to a whole new level with this Valentine’s Day twist! I’m delighted to see that the “cootie catchers” have been a hit at your house. I hope they are a hit this evening, as well. Happy Valentine’s Day–you’ve made it a fun week and a fun day!

  2. We used to make these in junior high school to help predict who we’d marry. I love these! And I really love the fun twist you added for Valentine’s Day. I may have to keep that in mind for my anniversary!

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