The List

You’re a mom.  You’ve seen the list.  Wake up, shower & dress, feed the kiddos, dress the kiddos, start the laundry, play with the kiddos, reboot the laundry, have lunch, clean the house, cook dinner, get ready for bed, kiss the kiddos goodnight, deposit the laundry into an unused chair to be folded at a later date, spend a little time with hubby, sleep.  Rinse & repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat.  Just that basic stuff makes for a pretty full day week life Not full as in “filled to satisfaction” or “complete” but full as in “containing as much or as many as is possible”, in other words “stuffed” – as in that would have been a very enjoyable meal if I hadn’t felt compelled to eat every single bite on my plate along with the appetizer and the dessert because now I feel so bloated I can hardly waddle away from the table.  That kind of full.  And the problem with that kind of full is that while you may experience many things you enjoy none of them.  I forget this sometimes.  I spend so much time scurrying around trying to finish “the list” that I am unable to actually enjoy “the list.”  Fortunately, sometimes I remember too and sometimes I get really wild and crazy and throw “the list” out the window.  Those are the days we stay in our pajamas and eat pancakes for supper.  Those are the days we leave the breakfast dishes on the table and go to the park because it’s finally sunny and warm again.  Those are the days we read Seven-Day Magic from cover to cover stopping only long enough to raid the fridge for sustenance.  Those are the best days.

I’m rethinking the importance of “the list”.   I’m going to retitle it “Suggestions for Daily Operations”.  And I’m going to remember to throw it out the window sometimes.


“The List” keeps coming-

neverending pile of chores.

Let’s take the day off.


**Have you written your haiku yet??  One week left!**


3 thoughts on “The List

  1. I like you. I am an avid list maker just so I can say “NO” to most of it. I think our struggle is not so much between good and evil but between good and Better. To identify priorities, stay focused and not let things which matter most be at the mercy of things that matter least. Tunnel vision requires a lot of consentration and one really feels the pressure. When I multi-task and my energies are scattered I don’t feel like I do anything well. In this season of my life I want to follow my bliss/purpose and finish something right. Say NO to ‘good’ things.

  2. This is a great post — one of my favorites of yours. Today my baby’s got his first cold so we’re doing a baby’s version of staying in all day watching soaps — a lot of whatever he wants, staying in PJs, etc.

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