Haiku Buckaroo… again!

Today begins the second running of the incredibly addictive Haiku Buckaroo contest hosted by Leslie at My Mommy’s Place.  Take a moment to do a little happy dance if you’d like, I’ll wait… or maybe I’ll dance with you. :)  Besides the opportunity to achieve Haiku Buckaroo-dom there are great prizes to be won including a copy of Me, Myself & Bob from yours truly.  Will and I just finished reading this outstanding book and I want to tell you all about it but Monday evening is date night at the Simple household so I must spend the bulk of the day chasing dust bunnies and turning our somewhat eclectic home into something more suburbia…. something that won’t frighten away the sitter.


spit, polish, scrub, clean

tidy children and the house

See?  We are normal.


2 thoughts on “Haiku Buckaroo… again!

  1. Yay! I am so excited about this contest. Thank you so much for sponsoring! It’s a great prize! I can’t wait to see all the haiku roll in!

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