What Unschooling Looks Like #4

Wake up and set about building impossible towers.  Laugh ferociously each time they fall down.

Spend the morning practicing “Jingle Bells” so you can put on a concert when Daddy comes home for lunch.  Don’t forget to make a program and print out some sheet music so it will be authentic.  Roll your eyes and give your mom a death glare if she even thinks to say something silly like, “It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

Find a box of three piece puzzles and assemble them about the house with reckless abandon.  Oh, look!  They make words!

Create an elaborate story, in which every dinosaur toy you own will play a part.  The story should culminate in a dino stand-off on the kitchen table.  See if you can involve some of the Barbies too.  It’s a well know fact that Barbies love dinosaurs.

While your brother is seeing how fast he can slam his new scooter into the fridge skip on over to this website and print out five or twenty connect-the-dots pictures.

Retreat to your room and emerge after 30 min or so to totally astound your mother with this crayon drawing of Alabama’s state bird.


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2 thoughts on “What Unschooling Looks Like #4

  1. I am so loving unschooling! And I find that these posts are such an encouragement–I am trying to do similar ones weekly so I can see what is being learned and remember. :)

  2. I think these posts are great. Even for someone who isn’t unschooling. It helps a parent look at what their child does in terms of what they’re learning. From the photos, it looks like your new place is beautiful!!!

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