Woolaroc Wonderland

In years past we have visited Rhema lights as part of our pre-Christmas tradition but this year it didn’t seem worth the two plus hours of driving it would take to get there so we opted instead for something a little closer to our new home.  It’s only a 12 mile drive to Woolaroc where we found plenty of lights, hot chocolate and cookies, a wagon to ride and even animals to pet.

Inside the lodge – Sister is wearing my jacket because even though she had enough foresight to bring hats and gloves for everyone to wear she forgot her own coat.  Her slip in memory left me wearing the winter blanket Will stuck in the trunk a couple weeks back “for emergencies.”

Brother was all over the dipping cookies in hot chocolate thing.

In the petting barn there were rabbits and ponies, chicks, a cow, this donkey and a llama.


Sister said, “Take a picture, Mom!”  so I did.


One thought on “Woolaroc Wonderland

  1. Oh, what a fun trip! Looks like a good time.

    Sister and I have something in common – I’m always forgetting my coat, too. I make sure everyone else is bundled up, then I’m the one who is cold!

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