Library List – Oct 29th to Nov 4th

We discovered a number of fun books this week.  Sister almost exclusively picked out books with cats on the cover.  Brother agreed to leave the library puzzles long enough to choose his own books this week but, not surprisingly, did not have a theme.  What do you expect from a three year old?  I’ve included the list at the bottom … after Sister’s comments on her favorites.

My first favorite book is Castaway Cats by Lisa Wheeler.  I like this book because I love cats.  I even have a cat of my own. This book is all about cats who are stranded on an island.  They thought about returning to their old land so they tried to make a boat.  They didn’t work together much so they did not make a boat.  They fighted and fighted and fighted about which way was the best and at the end of the day the Tabby cat suggested that they should work together.  So they made a plan tomorrow they would make a boat the next day all together.  So they did and the kittens, there were seven kittens, they found some cans.  All the cats helped with driftwood that would float to make a boat and when they were finished all the cats were very tired.  All the kittens were asleep and the tabby rubbed an eye.  I don’t know why.  But they had made a perfect boat.  The kittens wanted to stay at the island.  Then the tomcat Mittens said, ‘We’re staying!  We’re staying!”  And then they stayed forever.  The End.

My second favorite book is No More Water in the Tub! by Tedd Arnold. 


What we read:

A Dark, Dark Tale by Ruth Brown (Sister was rather disappointed that despite the cat on the cover this story has nothing to do with cats.)

Beware the Mare by Jessie Haas (a chapter book and a mystery of sorts)

Castaway Cats by Lisa Wheeler (the favorite from above)

Desmond and the Naughty Bugs by Linda Ashman (my favorite, very well written)

Farmer Brown Goes Round and Round by Teri Sloat

Little Lions by Jim Arnosky (more great artwork from Arnosky)

No More Water in the Tub! by Tedd Arnold (my second favorite, surprise ending)

P.J. & Puppy by Cathryn Falwell (a potty book – I slipped this one in.)

To market! To market! by Anushka Ravishankar (This was a great starter for a discussion on the culture of India.  Excellent illustrations.)

Rabbit Ears by Amber Stewart

Wilbur’s Space Machine by Lorna Balian (somewhat confusing play on the word “space”)

When Cats Dream by Dav Pilkey (sweet story, engaging illustrations)


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