Bits n Pieces

* Sister lost tooth #3 a couple of days ago.  She carefully sealed it in an envelope and tucked it under her pillow.  The tooth fairy promptly left her a buck fifty which she didn’t discover until …. today.  I’m glad to know that Sister doesn’t over emphasize the value of money but I wonder that sometimes she doesn’t value it at all.  Is this a problem?

* Will someone please explain to me the appeal of “Yo, Gabba, Gabba!”?

* Grandma made her annual batch of Bierox (pronounced “beerock”) for our family fall festival.  Bierox was/is common in Northwest Oklahoma where I grew up.  It was originally made by German families who were in Russia for decades before their immigration to the US, and Oklahoma, in the late 1800’s.  Basically, it’s bread dough filled with hamburger, sometimes sausage, cabbage, and sometimes onion. It’s a family classic that takes all day to make and about 5 minutes to consume.  Mmmmm!

* We have just finished the mammoth project of switching our personal checking account from a small local bank to ING Direct, a totally online bank.  Everyone seems to think this is a really wierd choice but it makes complete sense for our family since we do everything electronically anyway.  And you can’t beat the interest rate.

* My husband works with a gentleman who has a very large family.  I am immensely curious about the logistical aspects of living in a household of 14 as well as the emotional demands of having so many children.  Of course, you would love them all but how exactly?  I recently had the oppurtunity to meet this sweet family but instead of asking my questions or even participating in the brief discussion I clammed up and let Will do all the talking.  In part I was a little embarrassed by my curiosity and in part it occurred to me that if I were them I would get tired of people only recognizing my family for its size.  So I chose to say nothing rather than offend.  In retrospect, I wish I had said something – anything – because sometimes shyness comes off as snobbish and that is not at all what I meant to be.

* Brother is in the midst of potty training.  That’s all I’m going to say.  I don’t want to jinx it.

* If you remember liking the movie The Cutting Edge and you happen to see they came out with a sequel and you think it might be fun to stay up late some night and watch said sequel – don’t.  Remind yourself than in all the history of moviedom there have been precious few sequels worth watching.  Go to sleep.  Get your rest.


3 thoughts on “Bits n Pieces

  1. The money thing is not such an issue–I would be more worried if she stayed awake to get it or was obsessed with money. My middle child is like that about it–she forgets she has it iff she does and doesn’t worry about it if she doesn’t/ It has taken her longer than the others to learn her coins and she really is just not interested.

  2. I’ve missed “Yo, Gabba, Gabba.” I overheard a mom talking about all these “arty people” who put it together, “so it must be good.” (I think it’s funny how people assume they cannot assess whether art is good or not on their own, like it’s out of their league.)

    I think the on-line banking deal is freaking sweet. I do all my banking on-line or at the atm. I haven’t stepped into my bank in years. And that’s okay with me.

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