Symetry in Play

There are days that Brother’s toys are scattered here, there and yonder… and then there are symetrical days.

and my personal favorite.


In what unexpected configurations have you found your child’s toys?


3 thoughts on “Symetry in Play

  1. My girls are asymmetric to the extreme–my boy however, ever since he was a little guy and I found his tub blocks lined up in a fascinating pattern which required me climbing into the tub to take a very cool modern art type picture of them, he has found ways to make his toys symmetric. Cars line up equally on both sides of his race track, stuffies line up neatly on his bed, books pile in interesting patterns in his room, and knights and pirates square off against one another. Even animal crackers and graham crackers turn into symmetric robots and the like.

  2. Not that I consider my dog to be my child or anything, but I came home one day and, I kid you not, all of his stuffed toys were lined up in the living room floor all facing the same direction. At first I thought my mom might have done it to mess with me because she had been there that morning to feed him while I was out of town, but if you know my mom you know there is no way she would ever put her hands on a slobbery dog toy. It was really weird.

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