WFMW – Boyz and Their Hoods

Here’s an odd problem.  You know those cute shirts that have hoods attached.  They come in two varieties:  The kind zip that up the front and work more like a jacket and the kind that go over the head like a shirt.  They make a great Fall/Winter top.  Especially for a busy, little boy who might not have time to slip on his jacket before heading out into the cold.  Unfortunately, this second kind which goes on smoothly and works well to keep little ones warm has a serious flaw.  They are next to impossible to remove from said busy boy.  More than once I have started to pull one off only to have it get stuck at the point where Brother’s face is completely covered and his arms are pointing straight to the sky.  We pull and tug and Brother yells a muffled, “Help! Help! I stuck!”  After much ado, Brother always escapes but the whole scenario can be avoided with one simple trick.

Put the hood up first!


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