Sister Lost a(nother) Tooth!

Inspired by the ease in which her first tooth came out (or perhaps by the copy of Super Secret Super Spy the tooth fairy left), Sister pulled out her second baby tooth today.  The first was a bottom front and the incoming tooth could already be seen.  There was no pain and no blood.  The second was a top front which was primarily loose because of a few overly rambunctious wrestling sessions with Dad and Brother.  There was much blood and an unexpected residual throbbing.  Sister was decidedly not pleased with this outcome and I believe has decided not to lose any more teeth.

It might also be worth noting that the above picture was taken by Will.  Sister graciously posed for free while not two minutes before she made me pay two quarters for the privilege of taking a picture that didn’t even turn out well!


4 thoughts on “Sister Lost a(nother) Tooth!

  1. Wow! She was really proud of those loose teeth too! On another, completely unrelated, note, Leslie has gained 1 pound since we came home and I’ve lost 15. Yay us!

  2. Man, when she does something, she goes all the way! Two teeth in, is that two days? I’m glad the Tooth Fairy came and brought her something nice. My Tooth Fairy was pretty forgetful.

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