Saturday Project – Floating on Air

Do you know what this is?

Anyone? Anyone? …. It’s a hovercraft! And we built it! By “we” I mean Grandpa S. & myself. Sister helped a bit, measuring and fetching tools before the blazing 75 degree heat started to wear on her delicate constitution. After that point she popped in occasionally to inquire, “Is it ready yet?” until of course we reached the “test pilot” phase of construction. Apparently heat doesn’t affect test pilots. J

In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that it took us 5 design changes before we finally got any hover at all and 7 or 8 changes before we were (somewhat) satisfied with the results and called it a day.

Want to build your own? You’ll need these plans and about 5 hours of free time. Want to see this type of hovercraft in action? Check out our inspiration. (We love Dragonfly TV.)


3 thoughts on “Saturday Project – Floating on Air

  1. that is SO FREAKING cool. it really hovers? really?

    oh, and i did move. my new blog address is

    come see : )

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