From House to Home

I think at the point that sister said “Wow, you did a really wonderful job!”, today’s effort on the new closet shelves really felt worthwhile. The past few weekends have been pretty project laden as we slowly convert the house we just bought into a place to call home. We have a deep red wall in the once all white living room. The white kitchen is now a cheerful yellow kitchen. The kids have new mattresses, and more recently, new low-loft beds (like this one – building those were really exciting).

We did good today, on our closet project. We stayed within budget (yeah!), and tackled the right amount of work. It’s often hard to control scope creep on these things, but today we managed. We learned a few years ago that real life happens in baby steps, and that if a project is feeling stressful, it’s probably trying to tackle too much at once. Toni remembered this just in time, as in right before I went postal, and the day went well from there.

Of course by “went well”, you know I mean as in all’s well that ends well; the actual day had a few broken screws (twisted ’em right in two) and several misplaced studs that were asymmetrically placed, lagging batteries in the cordless drill, etc, but I digress; that’s just part of the fun in owning an older home. And in the end, the wife smiled a lot, the daughter cheered, and the son got to play a game that had previously been hiding in a box because there was no shelf to display it on. He even roped sister and I into playing too.

I don’t know if this current phase of our life called “fix it up” is really “simple”, but it is very satisfying in its own way. It makes the weekends more interesting. I like roaming through the house now, visiting each colorful room. I can see that our little home is going to be very comfy by the time Fall really settles in. Fall is my favorite time of year, and this year, this will be a nice place to spend it. I pray that yours is as nice.


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