The Word for Today is … Procrastination

For the last two hours (… or so…) I have not been packing.  The movers come on Wednesday and nothing is packed.  Nothing.  Nada.  But I’ve sure been having fun with my blog.  See all the fun little changes I made to the sidebar?!  I will probably continue to add to it and make changes over the next few weeks – now that I’ve learned how to use widgets.  Unfortunately, as I said the movers come on Wednesday and since my telepathic packing abilities are not yet fully developed I will need to leave my computer be for a day or so.  On the upside, that should not be too hard since a miscommunication with the cable company means I may (or may not) have internet access for the next week.  I guess I’ll see you on the flipside.

Bye, bye blogland.


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