Photo Hunt – Theme: Dirty

Here’s Brother disguised as Captain Bluebeard.

Last night we went to Kiddie Park and as an end of season treat Will got snowcones for each of the children…. blue snowcones.  They weren’t in sturdy styrofoam cups either.  They were in environmentally friendly (read: extremely drippy) paper cones.  Even this morning Brother has remnants of the sticky stain on his chin and drip lines down his arm.  The price of a good time I guess. :)

Kiddie Park is one of the coolest young family spots in our small town.  Created by the City in 1947 and continually supported by the community, it boasts a number of pint-sized carnival rides including a train, bumper cars and a mini roller coaster.  The best part though is the price.  Admission is free and most of the rides are only 25 cents each.  Can’t beat that!  Though they don’t quite fit the theme here are some pics from a previous visit. (Click on the images for a larger view.)


14 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Theme: Dirty

  1. Great picture! Sticky is the most interesting form of dirty. Julia is sticky about 92% of the time.

    Great park pictures, too. Lookslike a fun place to go.

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