Photo Hunt – Theme: Two

Last Christmas Grandma gifted us with a butterfly kit. It came with everything you’d need to raise butterflies … except the butterflies. For that there was a coupon which we saved until the spring. Early in March our caterpillars arrived and over the next few weeks we watched them grow and grow and grow and finally make their way to the top of the cup they came in and attach themselves to its ceiling. The transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis was amazing to watch but nothing compared to the day pictured above. The day they emerged as the lovely winged creatures they were destined to be.

Did you play?

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15 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Theme: Two

  1. Nice photo! Great choice. You are the second blog that I have read in the last two weeks about this butterfly kit. I am going to order one for next year!
    Welcome to the Hunt

  2. Welcome and play often –you will love it.

    You have a great entry and I didn”t see one likeit anywhere else.

    Come and see mine. In between moving this past week, I have tried to hit everyone’s page that would open for me and yours is the last and now it is time to go to bed!

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