WFMW – Homemade Hot Pack

A couple of nights ago Will came to bed with a neckache.  I tried to massage out some of the knots but didn’t have much success.  What I needed was heat… something to loosen the muscles first.  I thought of the electric heat pad sold at our last garage sale (“We never use this!”)  I thought of various creams that might help.  Icy Hot (among others) came to mind but I quickly dismissed them each in turn.  Nothing like the smell of menthol to give you nightmares.  Hmm, what to do….?  I stumbled through the dark toward the kitchen to see what inspiration I could find there.  On the way, I was almost bowled over when a stray laundry basket attacked me out of nowhere.  (Okay, it didn’t really “attack” me.  It was sitting in the middle of the room waiting for someone to empty it of clean socks.  What?  You have this problem too, right?)  Anyway, I made it to the kitchen but there was no chocolate inspiration to be found until I opened up the “carb” cabinet.  “Noodles, beans, rice….. Hmm, rice.”  I snagged a package of brown rice, returned to the basket of unmatched socks and found a large one suited to the plan forming in my head.  Back in the kitchen once more I emptied the rice sack into the sock and sealed it with a hefty knot.  My creation went into the microwave for a minute or so and voila… homemade hot pack.  I suppose if one had a sewing machine or an inclination to sew, one could replace the knot with a neat seam or some pretty ribbon but for a late night, need it now solution this worked for me Will.


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9 thoughts on “WFMW – Homemade Hot Pack

  1. We have a bean sock. But you know, after many, many uses, it’s starting to smell really bean-like every time it’s heated up. I think I’ll follow your plan and switch to rice. Thanks!

    ***The heated rice did have a somewhat earthy fragrance but I rather liked it. ~Toni

  2. Thanks much, this was very helpful. All the other things I’ve been finding on the web involve sewing and possibly buying nice fabric and essential oils at the store. I’m not feeling well enough to go to the store to buy a heating pad, forget feeling sell enough to sew, if I even have sewing needles and thread somewhere around here. Thanks again.

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