Our First Visit to Osage Hills State Park

After all day in the apartment, the kids and I were ready to get out so around 4:30 I prepped a picnic dinner of sandwiches, fruit, pigs n a blanket and a pumpkin pie I made earlier.  (I don’t know what possessed me to make pumpkin pie in the middle of August… just roll with me on this one, k?)  We picked up Will from work and headed out west of town to Osage Hills State Park.  It was a nice quiet drive (especially after both kids fell asleep.)  When we got there we saw deer up close (three times!),

had our picnic, walked a short trail and discovered this.


It just begged to be waded in.  We had a grand time and Will took what I think is my new favorite pic of the kiddos.


Do you have a state park near you?  Have you been there?  I bet there is more to see than you think.


2 thoughts on “Our First Visit to Osage Hills State Park

  1. Oh, what a beautiful spot you discovered! We have to drive a bit to get to our local state parks. That’s one of the things I miss about living in Wheeling – I was minutes away from a park I adored.

    What a nice evening!

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