My Karate Princess – First Test

I am at home and it is quiet.  Brother is sleeping and Will has taken Sister to karate class.  I am using the time to catch up on my blog reading when a strange beeping sound erupts from my phone.  Looking I can see a text message has arrived.  Odd?  I never get text messages (which would explain why the beep was strange to me.)  The message if from Will, I open it to see…… Sister … at karate class … sporting her brand new yellow and white belt.  “YEA!”  I cheer though no one is around to hear.  “Good girl!”

My little white belt went to her first test last Friday.  She and Will had practiced much throughout the week and she was ready.  On test day, each punch and kick and form she knew as well or better than her beltmates but then it was time to break a board.  In class the board had always been one of those fake things with a crack already running down the middle of it.  We were not prepared (and neither was she) for the very real piece of wood before her.

But she did it!  After many tries and MUCH encouragement, she did it!


Good girl!


***Updated to add:  I was so wrong.  Even though the yellow/white belt is the next one after white, my sweet girl came home with this.

She totally rocked her test and skipped a belt!  Good girl, indeed!


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