A Frog in the Hand

Yea!!  We caught something!  After many unsuccessful fishing trips we finally caught something.  We had nearly given up for the day when a more seasoned mother than I (she had four little ones) happened by.  When she and her crew spotted a crawdad, Sister quickly blended herself in with the other little people so she could see too.  Looking at Sister’s empty net and the longing look on her face, this sympathetic mother of four asked, “Do you want me to catch it for you?”  Sister nodded vigorously and within moments had a full net and a huge grin on her face.

That catch must have changed our luck because within a few more minutes we caught this little guy…. all by ourselves.

We recently saw an animal program where a little girl “hypnotized” her frog to sleep by stroking its belly and telling it to rest.  I’m thinking that it must just be frog instinct but both Brother and Sister were delighted by their own hypnotizing abilities.


One thought on “A Frog in the Hand

  1. Oh, how fun! My mom was always great at showing me stuff like that. There was a pond near my childhood home where we’d go and watch the tadpoles. Great memories!

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