Because We’re Crazy People, I Tell You

Did you have a good holiday?  I hope so.  We took it easy this year.  Hung out with the family, roasted some hot dogs, set off a few fireworks.  Okay, that last bit is a complete understatement.  Independance Day ranks right next to Christmas on our favorite holiday list.  In fact for us, it is very much like Christmas.  We go to the store with our budget in hand and leave the store with our budget in the trash.  See.


I should tell you that we didn’t set all of these off… yet.  We usually do two shows each year.  One on the Fourth for our Tulsa family and friends and then another sometime in August for the family out in Gate.  This year we are adding a show in Arkansas for a different group of relatives.  …. because we are crazy people, I tell you.

To our credit we only go crazy like this on special occasions.  It’s not an everyday sort of thing (so you can just stop looking for that insane asylum number right now).  And for Independance day the craziness seems limited to the four walls of the TNT Fireworks Superstore.  This is why: 

  • You can get the most of “bang” for your buck.  (Punny but true.) Mom and Pop shops may be nostalgic but they can’t offer the best deals.  For even more savings don’t wait until the last minute.  Shop the first day they are open when almost everything is “Buy One, Get One Free.”
  • They are willing to negotiate.  If you’re spending a lot of cash (or even if you’re not) don’t be afraid to ask for discounts and/or substitutions to get the widest variety for the least amount.
  • TNT has a “NO Duds” guarantee.  They store and later sell their product in a climate controlled environment.  So in spite of the rainy/muggy weather outside, everything you buy will work.
  • Similarly, climate control means a pleasant place to shop…especially with kids.
  • All the staff really knows about the product.  They don’t just guess or read the label.  They’ve actually seen each thing work and can describe it to you.
  • It is run by a local church who uses the profit for their ministry.

Disclaimer: If this post reads like an advice column it’s because it was written for the WFMW that wasn’t.


2 thoughts on “Because We’re Crazy People, I Tell You

  1. Wow! Looks like tons of fun.

    Our neighbor put on a heck of a fireworks show this year for the neighborhood and it really made the day special.

    It’s fun to go a little crazy now and then.

  2. Holy Moley! That’s a lot of fireworks! Looks like fun. My husband would think he had died and gone to heaven if he got to spend that much on fireworks.

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