Birth-day: Looks Can Be Deceiving


As you probably know by now, we have chickens.  We used to have a lot of chickens but now we’re down to 7.  Four are laying hens who each lay different colored eggs.  Two are Banties who have yet to start laying and one is a Banty rooster who will never lay an egg. Though if he does I am so going to charge admission.  The benefits of having so few chickens are many, not the least of which is less care and feeding but another benefit is the ability to tell which hens lay which eggs.  It’s fun to know who’s laying and how many and that makes the chickens more like pets somehow.  Aaaanyway, (This is going somewhere, I promise.) one of our hens is a Pearl White Leghorn.  Her breed is known for their eggcellent (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) laying ability which is funny to me because she is the scrawniest of the bunch.  Not too long ago I took a picture of a couple of her eggs just so I could make a point to you.

Here is egg #1.

Here is egg #2.

They look basically the same, huh?

Here they are side by side.

Egg #1 measures in at 2 3/4″ and Egg #2 a mere 2 1/4″.  If all of our hens laid white eggs and I’d had to guess where the big one came from I never would have guessed Pearl.  She’s simply too small.

And this is relevant to birth because of the term cephalopelvic disproportion or CPD. It’s a big phrase that basically means the baby’s head is too large to fit through the mother’s pelvis.  I wanted you to first hear this term from me because I want you to understand there is no way to know if you have true CPD (or not) until after the birth of your baby.  Of late, some doctors have begun diagnosing CPD from measurements taken by ultrasound.  Unfortunately, ultrasounds are pictures and can be deceiving just like my pictures above.  As your due date approaches ultrasounds become more and more inaccurate for measuring purposes. (They can still be helpful to determine positioning, amount of amniotic fluid, etc.)  So be aware.  Trust your body and trust your baby.  The two of you were designed to work together.


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