I’m Back Now

And I am writing this from my super secret remote hide-out while my regular posting location is, you know, FLOODED!  We came to Tulsa this past weekend and as usual returned to B’ville Sunday evening in time to watch the only show on TV that matters right now.  Anyway, leaving on Friday we noticed the Go Kart place was flooded.  “That’s too bad.”  We sympathized and drove on.  Driving back into town on Sunday we noticed the soccer fields were flooded (as in you could only see the tops of the goals).  Nearing downtown we saw streets three blocks from our apartment covered in water.  We also ran into traffic which wouldn’t be that unusual in many downtowns but on most Sunday nights in B’ville cars are sparse.  We got into our apartment (2nd Floor) and stepped out onto the balcony to watch a constant trail of cars, SUV’s and pickups loaded to the hilt with mattresses and other misc furniture.  It was like some eerie, mass exodus.  We went inside to watch our show.  Half an our later my mom calls to say parts of I-75 are closed and the floodwaters in B-ville are rising. 

“Oh, mom we’re on the second floor.  It’s no big deal.”  I step outside to survey the situation and calm her silly concerns.

“Uh, mom…. we’ll be home soon.  I gotta go.”

Why the sudden change?  Floodwaters that had been three blocks away are now visible at two.  Will and I quickly pack (again).  Within another 30 minutes we’ve gathered enough clothes and other sundry items to last a week.  I peak out the balcony one last time. The new shoreline has advanced from two blocks to one.  That averages out to about a block an hour.

Today we are in Tulsa at Grandma’s (oops, I mean a secure remote location).  Since our B’ville place is on the second floor and the building itself is on a bit of a rise, I don’t have much concern for our stuff but we recieved word that today downtown is basically closed which means that had we stayed we probably would have been stuck there. Four people and a cat in less than 700sq ft for an indeterminate amount of time is not on my list of fun things to do for Independance Day.

Anyway this experience has gotten me to thinking about a few things:

  • First, we got apartment insurance last week so if anything does happen it’s covered.  I almost didn’t because I thought I didn’t need the expense and really what could possibly happen?  Now I’m glad to be paying my $13/month.  That’s not a typo.  $13/month for $19K in replacement coverage.  Renter’s insurance is incredibly cheap so if you live in an apartment get some.
  • Second, even though I’m in Tulsa I’m typing this on my computer through the wonder that is GoToMyPC.  Before we left, knowing that I wanted to do bills and such this weekend I hopped over to their site and signed up for a free thirty day trial.  It’s not really a trial for me because I’ve used the service before.  It’s outstanding.  If you’re mobile but you don’t want to lug around a laptop, get GoToMyPC and hang out at internet cafes.  You’ll get your work done and be cool all at the same time. :)
  • Third, we cleared out of our place within 30 minutes of making a decision to do so.  We left with the equivilent of 3 small laundry baskets worth of stuff.  I feel confident that we have everything we need.  I’m not worried about family photos because I use Phanfare.  I’m not worried about important documents because I grabbed the single folder that contains them all.  I’m not worried about digital documents because my computer backs itself up to someplace in AZ every night.  I’m not worried about anything else because It’s. Just. Stuff.

I invite you do do an evacuation check.  Could you leave your house in 30 minutes without worry?  I hope so.


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  1. I couldn’t leave my house in 30 minutes without worry. Rounding up two cats for the vet takes me 30 minutes. I have 12 cats. It’d be like Sophie’s Choice or something. I’m starting to think I need an evacuation plan…

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