A “Me Time” Story

Since moving to Bartlesville, I have been with both children (and occasionally Will) almost 24/7.  Last night the stress of joy of all that togetherness began to run over.  Will assessed the caged animal look in my eyes and sent me out the door sans children.

Wow –  unexpected time alone – perhaps if I were anyone else I might have gone shoe shopping or spent the evening at a local coffee shop but being me, I pulled out the to-do list I’d been struggling through all day.  Finally, progress could be made.

First stop: Karate studio.  A few weeks ago I asked Sister if she could learn about anything, what would it be?  I threw out several options (dance, gymnastics, piano, horse-back riding etc.) but made it clear that she didn’t have to pick from my list.  If she had something else in mind, she should say so.  And say so, she did – without hesitation, “Karate and dog training.”

“Uhm, Ok.  It’s good for me to know what you’re interested in,” I said.

Well, the dog had to find a new home before the move so that left her other choice.  My pretty, little, make-up, high-heel, skirt lovin’ girl wants to learn karate. Oh the sweet paradoxes of parenting.

Second stop:  Dance studio – a mum can hope can’t she?

Third stop:  Wal-mart – your one stop shop for all things consumer-y.  We love to make smoothies so item #1 on the list was a blender, followed closely by milk.  After these two essentials were taken care of I rambled around the isles. Looked with sympathy upon the mom telling her child through clenched teeth, “Would you please just sit down already?” Found some beads for Sister on sale and finally ended up in Health & Beauty.  This is NOT a section I frequent.  Usually, I rush in only to grab toothbrushes or razors or some other practical item.  But on this occasion, I found myself tossing fingernail polish, nail buffers, brushes, hair clips and other sundry items into the basket.  At the eyelash curlers, I realized the insanity had to stop so I raced for the nearest checkout.  The twenty or less lady eyed my 30 something cart dubiously but let me through just the same.

Outside I tried to get my bearings.  Where did I park?  Oh yes, that row there, on the left.  My eyes scanned the cars looking for my distinctive, green Cavelier.  Halfway along, I spied it … on the… right?  Okaay.  I pushed my treasures right up the trunk, inserted my key and turned.  Well, I tried to turn but nothing happened.  I closed my eyes and sighed.  Only last week $200 had flown from hands into auto repair shop for just this problem.  “We replaced the entire lock.  You won’t have any more trouble getting that trunk open, Little Missy.”  (The “Little Missy” part was unspoken but it was there all the same.)  It was almost 8pm.  Will had been alone with the children for over an hour.  I was beginning to fear for their his well-being. “I’ll just have to put everything up front and deal with this later.”  I looked up and caught site of a Dunkin’ Donuts cup on my dash.  Wait, I don’t have a Dunkin’ Donuts cup….or a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from my mirror…  Feeling as if I’d just stepped into some sort of twighlight zone, I cautiously turned around and looked straight at …. my car… on the left … just where I’d thought it was.

This Little Missy then walked sheepishly past some inquistive bystanders, loaded her bags in the trunk that opened perfectly and sped back to her family where her madness could be hidden behind the guise of motherhood.


2 thoughts on “A “Me Time” Story

  1. I, too, am a makeup, high heel and skirt loving girl, and I am qualified (if that’s the right word) to test for my green belt in karate. Bet that’s something you didn’t know about me, huh? Little Sister talked me into taking classes with her a couple of years ago and I loved it. They teach karate, yes, but (especially with the little kids) they also teach respect, discipline and self esteem. Throw all of that in with a good dose of self-defense, and I think it’s a great idea! Sister will really love it, and I bet when Brother is old enough he’ll want to start too. Oh, yeah, and my eyelash curler is a makeup bag essential. ;) Honestly, once you use one you wonder why you ever didn’t. lol

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