Do You Ever Wonder If God Is Listening?

I do.  Then something happens like it did today and I am reminded what an excellent listener He is.  He always listens.  Every hour of every day to every word that we speak and every thought that we don’t.

So what about today?  First a little background.  You know that we’ve moved to an apartment in a new town.  What you don’t know is that unlike many apartments there is no front office.  It’s just six units tucked above an old sporting goods store.  It’s also important to know that I am an avid internet shopper.  Doing cost analyis and feature comparisons in the middle of Sears with two under six’s in tow is not my idea of fun and it seriously hampers my ability to find a good deal so I purchase most of our inedibles in my pajamas and have them delivered to my door.

Moving to a smaller space meant that most of our old, “big” stuff either didn’t fit or wasn’t worth bringing and that initiated a series of purchases… to be delivered…. oh, no … problem … where exactly would these packages be delivered?  We are downtown so leaving a big box at the main entrance is out of the question and since I can’t be certain we’ll be home when these items arrive now; instead of looking forward to their coming; delivery time was a little worry in the back of my mind. 

And He heard it.

Today, I met our new FedEx man and I was delighted at the way my Father heard my unspoken request and filled it so serendipitously.  The delivery man’s name is Carl which I knew as soon as I saw him because he is the very same Carl that used to regularly deliver packages when I worked for my parents’ company.  I know him.  I trust him.  My packages are safe and my worry is gone because God listens.


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