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 My kids are with me all day, every day, every season so “summer” boredom has a way of becoming all year boredom or at least it used to.  Free Stuff 4 Kids is one of my favorite resources for curing “But there’s nothing to do!!” syndrome.  And right now if you subscribe to her site you can download a free ebook with coloring pages, connect the dots, mazes and such.  It reminds me of the big, fat activity books my mom used to always get us for trips and since we plan on being in the car a lot over the next couple of weeks, I printed two copies and put them in some extra presentation folders I had lying around.

There are all sorts of places on the web where one can find activities for kids and I could spend my time looking for them but I like letting someone else do the work of gathering those resources into one place because spending more time playing with my children instead of spending time looking for things to play with my children works for me.

For more ideas all in one place check out this week’s “Mom, I’m Bored” Edition of Works for Me Wednesday.


Oh, and have you clicked on the Kid Pages in the sidebar?  That’s fun too.


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