Give up?


This is the location of our new apartment.  We are keeping our old space in Grandma’s basement for the weekends but during the week will travel with Will to Bartlesville.  With gas prices the way they are it makes economic sense to keep a separate weekday place and given how many hours Will must commute and therefore be away from home it makes emotional sense too.  Over the next few weeks we will be adapting to life with four people in a 600+ sq ft space.  This should be fun – and make for some great blogging too. (assuming I have time for that)


One thought on “Give up?

  1. Man, I wasn’t even close.

    It looks like a great place and a great location! I can relate to your situation. Before we moved to our house, Dave was commuting two hours up and two hours back from work. He works 12 hour shifts, so he just stayed near work with his family for his on days and came home for his off days. It was hard to miss so much time with him. Cutting that commute and getting that extra time together sure means a lot.

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