Are You Mom Enough to Do This?

A while back my internet connection kept dropping at random…very frustrating.  Even though we have two connections on the property (DSL in the house and cable in Will’s office) my little wireless connector could only see the unreliable one.  (That would be the DSL in case you didn’t know.) My night in shining armor purchased a super-de-duper mega antennae to solve the problem but left the installation up to the little people … literally.


I don’t have a pic of the finished product but I think the fact that you are reading this post should be proof enough that they did a good job. :)


One thought on “Are You Mom Enough to Do This?

  1. What a great lesson for the kids! Although, I must say, you are one brave teacher.

    Love the kitty in the second picture. We always have a feline friend supervising what we do around here.

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