Photo Hunt – Theme: Childhood

Both Will and I rode the school bus as children.  I liked school well enough but to me nothing was quite as wonderful as jumping off the bus after a long day.  Jumping off the bus felt like a leap away from what other people thought I should know and a leap toward my more important childhood discoveries.  It seems my husband shared the same enthusiasm for that moment of freedom.


Did you play?


4 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Theme: Childhood

  1. There is no feeling more liberating than jumping off a school bus at the end of a day – especially as it gets towards summer! Great picture!

  2. hehehe.soo excited to come home eh? great one! i love the photo it’s so related to the theme and ur story too!

  3. I loved to ride the bus to school, but standing on the corner in a dress when it was 20 below zero in Gary, Indiana and the wind was blowing, was not fun!

  4. Great photo!

    Julia and I often watch the children on our street getting off the bus because it really is an exciting time. Nothing happier than a kid getting off the school bus.

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