Imagine That

Did you know that if you tightly hold 4 dry erase markers in your hand and gallop around the house saying things like, “Whoa, horsey!” and “Giddyup!” that you can effectively turn your surroundings into your very own “Home on the Range?”  Well, I didn’t but Brother did.  He just introduced me to his markers horse.  Her name is “Sir.”

Isn’t imagination the greatest thing ever!


2 thoughts on “Imagine That

  1. It really is. Julia likes to play with washcloths in the tub – she says they are whales. Her spoon and fork has an ongoing drama at dinner each night, too. I love it.

  2. I wonder why we ever buy any new gadget, when the box often becomes the plaything of choice? Big boxes become all kinds of things at our house.

    Hand him some coconut halves and he can clip-clop across his dude ranch with sound effects.

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