5 Hours of Peace

Blessings on Aunt P who gave Will and I an unexpected 5 childless hours this Saturday. 

“Toni, I’ll watch your kids for you tomorrow if you want me too.”

Stunned silence then, “Yes!”

Oh what to do with 5 glorious hours?  Go shopping, of course.  Actually it was grocery shopping.  Nothing too exciting.  Except that we went to Wild Oats.  Usually when we go there Will takes the kids somewhere while I rush around the store as quickly as I can getting only items “on the list.”  No time for perusing or dawdling or wondering about the difference between Chelated Calcium and the plain variety.  We’ve tried taking the children around with us but they suddenly grow 6 more arms and hands all of them grabby and disobedient  which I completely don’t understand because I frequently take the two of them to Reasor’s and they are (mostly) perfect little helpers.  Go figure.   But on this day, it was just Will & I and we walked and talked and shopped and left with a cart full of peace and way more merchandise than we needed.

After stopping by the house to unload our loot we headed over to the Hideaway for lunch.  They have Pente which you can play before your meal comes. (Pente was invented at the Hideaway, you know.)  But of course we haven’t asked for the game in a while because the pieces are a choking hazard and because throwing them at the other patrons is frowned upon by the establishment.  But on this day, it was just the two of us and we played and ate and left with a box containing a couple of extra pizza slices and a side of peace.

With a little over an hour left, we made our way to a nearby library.  It’s kind of like walking about the bookstore (they even have a coffee shop) but a lot less exspensive.  We spent some time together and some apart and neither of us ever uttered the word, “Ssh!”  not once.  We drove away with a book I’d found … right next to the peace.


Shalee suggested in this post that we ask our guys out this weekend in honor of Sadie Hawkin’s Day and write about it.  She also requested we post of photo of the two of us on our date.  I forgot to take a picture but I do have one that represents how I felt at the end of the day. 

It’s from several years ago.  When Will and I were “just friends”.  When we spent our time doing regular, everyday stuff together because it was more fun that way.  It’s the way I feel on the inside still even though my outside has changed.  It’s the way you feel when you finally catch the love of your life and realize he was your best friend all along.


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4 thoughts on “5 Hours of Peace

  1. You both look like you’re having so much fun in that picture!

    It’s great to get some kid-free time now and then. Being a grown-up can be fun.

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