Down/Up Sizing

About this time last year we embarked on our chicken raising adventures by ordering 25 day old chicks from McMurray Hatchery.  (Twenty-five is their minimum order number and happens to be the only downside of ordering from McMurray.) What started out as a simple pet project for our children evolved into an egg selling business and a lot of trouble.  Let me not imply that we didn’t have fun.  We did and we learned a lot – mostly that we should have stuck to our original plans instead of getting carried away.  We may have more chickens again someday.  We may sell the eggs for profit but right now we are content to practice our chicken farming skills on a select few.  I realized this, as my father was preparing to make yet another extension to the run he first built.  “Enough is enough already.”

We called the man who took Elvis for us and he carried seven of our flock away.  But before they were even gone Sister and I were on our way to Atwoods so I could make good on a promise from last year.  We purchased 3 baby chick replacements.  We chose Bantams because they won’t need as much space.  And we picked them from the ‘straight-run” bin which means we may now have threee hens or three roosters or any combination thereof.  But it’s okay.  It’s just a hobby.  I can tell it’s just a hobby because we even named them this time.

Our Banties



From the Original Flock





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  1. We had thought about giving chickens a try, but decided to hold off on it.

    And I’m like you – I would have named them, too.

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