Photo Hunt- Theme: Architecture

For today’s theme:  a couple of pictures from my childhood.  This is the house I grew up in (mostly).  Looks huge doesn’t it?  I remember driving up to it for the first time and thinking, “We’re going to live here!?  It’s a mansion!” Technically speaking, while it was large, it was not a mansion.  It was an old, rambling, farmhouse … with one, count ’em it, one bathroom.  But you don’t think about that sort of thing when you’re four.  That’s me, by the way… the short one in the first picture and sporting a way, too short yellow dress in the second. 

I pulled these pictures from some old albums in order to send them to the current owners.  They are making considerable changes to the house (probably adding another bathroom) and were curious about its history.  To be honest I’d like to know a bit more about its history too.  I know my dad grew up there.  He even slept in the same room I did.  My grandfather farmed the land surrounding the house just as we my parents did when we lived there.  And I know it was a great place to grow up.  I guess that’s enough.


Did you play?


6 thoughts on “Photo Hunt- Theme: Architecture

  1. wow! it is like a mansion! pretty big & great design too!

    i love ur blog! the colors & style…it’s so simple & elegant…very clean & pleasing to the eyes!!!

  2. The house my dad grew up in is gone with only a garage and old smokehouse to speak of. It was over a hundred years old and he remembers when they dug out the basement and grandma was in her kitchen yelling that the floor was going to fall in. They didn’t have any bathrooms at first, and added one only after I was born (first grandchild). But I remember the smokehouse the most. It smelled of old cured ham and Grandma kept her Reader’s Digest condensed books there in boxes. It had two small smoke stained windows and a window seat. That was where I would spend the hot summer afternoon… in the cool of the shed with my nose stuck in a book. Best memories in the world.

  3. Wow must have been some walk to the bathroom – that’s a big house.
    You look adorable in your yellow dress.
    Thanks for visiting my SPH

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