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The pizza cutter: my favorite multi-use gadget.  Around here it gets used to cut pizza (of course!) but also waffles, eggs, PB & J sandwiches…. anything that needs to be in smaller pieces to accomodate the little people.  And speaking of the little people – this is one they can use themselves since, unlike a knife, the edge is not sharp enough to cut little hands.  I also use it to cut crescent roll dough.  One of our favorite snacks is Pigs-In-A-Blanket which we make by rolling Lil’ Smokies in crescent roll dough.  Problem is the pre-cut roll sizes are way too big which is where the pizza cutter comes in.  Also, good for any type of play-dough project.




Oil Dispensers – These are pretty enough to leave on the counter which saves me pulling out the mega container anytime I need a little oil.  They also deliver a small stream instead of big gusher which helps me regulate how much oil I am using.  I keep olive oil in one and canola in the other.  A friend of mine uses the same type of bottle for dishsoap which I thought was really clever.




I know you are looking at this picture and thinking, “What is that!?”  This is a round piece of plastic shelf liner.  Don’t let it’s unassuming looks fool you.  This little baby makes opening jars a snap.  Simply place it on the lid and turn.  For especially tough jars put one on the counter. Set your jar on top. Place another on the lid and turn.  I promise there is no jar this gadget cannot open.




I’m not certain if jars count as a tool but I use them constantly, especially for dried fruit and nut mixes.  I find when healthy snacks are in plain view we tend to eat the junk stuff less. 





 This one is a two-fer.  See the strip the knives are hanging on?  It’s magnetic.  Storing knifes in a drawer is just dangerous for me so I used to have one of those butcher block kind of containers.  You know, the ones that have a different slot for each type of knife.  That didn’t work either.  I was constantly pulling out each knife in turn looking for the right one and it took up way too much countertop space.  This hangs on the wall (out of reach of the children), takes up almost no space, and my knives are in full view; which brings me to the two-fer part of the picture.  In my humble opinion, no kitchen is complete without a good set of knives.  They don’t have to be top of the line expensive but if you are doing the work instead of the tool then it’s time to get a new tool.


 Hope you enjoyed a look at my favorite kitchen tools.  Head on over to Rocks In My Dryer for more WFMW Kitchen tips.


6 thoughts on “WFMW – Favorite Kitchen Tools

  1. I also use the pizza cutter to cut my son’s food! It’s amazing how much easier it makes simple cutting. I am going to try the shelf liner to open jars…great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tips! I never thought about using a pizza cutter for other stuff. I have used those kitchen scissors though.

    The shelf liner is a really neat trick. I’m going to have to give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tips! I love them all. I especially love the shelf liner being used as a jar opener, very creative. Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. I’m gonna make myself one of those shelf-liner things! I’m forever asking one of my boys to open bottles and jars for me. Great idea!

  5. I came over here from Rocks in My Dryer. I love your ideas! I use the oil dispenser for soap and for oil and vinegar.

    I really like the idea for the magnets. I have a butcher block that I’d love to get rid of. Where do you get magnets strong enough to hold large knives?

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