The Day in Quotes

“Mama, I sleep with you?” (meaning can I move from my pillow to yours?)

 – “Sure”

“Mama, I snuggle you?”

 – “Yes, Brother”

“I love you, Mama.  You look great.”

Not to be outdone, Will chimes in.

“I love you, baby.  You look great.”

Now that’s what a woman wants to hear in the morning. :)


“In Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:8  (from the back of the notepad I hastily grabbed to start a “to do” list)


“Oh, I lost my train.” (Grandma, having been interrupted before she could complete her thought.”)

“You have a train?!” (uttered incredulously by Sister)


“Growl, growl – I’m a kitty.”  (Sister during her regular “pretend I’m something else” time.)


“Mama, help me my game.  Thomas lost.”  (Brother with terrible sadness and fake sniffling).


“Did you know George Washington Carver invented THREE HUNDRED uses for peanuts!” (information delivered by Sister courtesy of BrainPop jr.)


“24? – yeesh!”  (Sister’s response to when Aunt R revealed her age.)

“I can’t believe I just got a ‘yeesh’ about my age.  I am soo old.”  (Aunt R.)


“Sooo, let’s get cookin’.”  (Sister to me when I was blogging instead of helping her make muffins.)



“That’s a pretty nifty drum set.” (Sister)

“Yeah, dat’s petty nif dum set.” (Brother) 


– “Sister I’m going shopping, I’ll be back soon, Aunt R is in charge.” (Me)

“Okay, but you realize that means we may watch TV.” (Sister)


– “Brother I’m going shopping, I’ll be back soon.” (Me)

“No, no, no, I come too.” (Brother)


“Oh, Mama I wuv it… peeeese.” (Brother seeing a Diego scooter at Wal-mart.)

“I’na go home.” (Brother not long after being told he couldn’t have the Diego scooter at Wal-mart.)


“I sad. I [have] no socks. (Brother after waking up from a nap alone.)


(at dinner)

“Did you know George Washington Carver was known as the Plant Doctor?” (Sister)

– Oh? Why is that? (Will)

“I have no idea.” (Sister)


(everybody after dinner)


– beep


— boop




— beep, beep


(and on and on and on….)


“Look Mom.  Look a us. We’re dancing!” (from Brother.  Unfortunately, there is no way a quote can capture the cuteness of your family dancing to Malaguena.)

“the lil lord Jesus lay down he lays!” (Brother’s version of Away in a Manger sung to Flamenco.)


“E.J. IS HERE!!” (the Yahoo popup announcing an incoming email and the birth of a second cousin)


“I not Brother, I Joe” (Brother)

– “Well get your pajamas on Joe.” (me)

“Okay” (Brother)


“Not Naughty Diesel again!  I think I’ll go to bed early.” (Sister on Brother’s choice of bedtime stories.)


“To bed to bed to bed we go

To bed to bed to bed we know

It’s time to go and rest our heads

On our pillows in our beds

It’s time to close our eyes and sleep

And pray the Lord our souls to keep.” (everybody)


Good Night.


3 thoughts on “The Day in Quotes

  1. LOL! I couldn’t stop laughing about Sister saying: “You know that means we may watch tv”….I am such a bad aunt! haha!

  2. When I told my nephew, Caleb (aka Tater), that I have “a baby in my belly,” his response was, “Did you eat it??!!” When I laughed and told him I in fact did NOT eat my baby, he asked, “Well, are you gonna get it out??” lol

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